RealT (S) 3510 Ewald Cir, Detroit, MI 48204

standardized id:

Asset valuation (marketcap): $936,683


  • Owner: REALT

    Amount: 100 %


  • fixed @ 18700
    - Form: tokens
    - Price: $ 50.090
What is the RealT (S) 3510 Ewald Cir, Detroit, MI 48204 asset token:

3510 Ewald is a well-maintained, 16-unit multi-family property in an up-and-coming area. Owned by the same owner since 1978, it features 16 parking spaces and a low renovation budget of $5,000 for minor touch-ups. The property is part of a strategy to create economies of scale near Highland Park, offering proximity to universities and a common thoroughfare. With a structured cap of 10.51%, it provides stable rents and has a solid tenant base.